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The fabric of the collection

The fabric is the essence of Sacrécoeur.

Like an invitation to creation,
it is that which motivates the birth of our shirts.

Bringing to light the textile’s richness and preserving know-how
are the core features of our project.

Here is a quick overview of our fabric library.

Cotton flannel is one-sided combed weave.It has a fluffy and felted appearance, very pleasant to touch.Soft and warm, it’s the ideal ally for cocooning this winter.

Better known as “Crêpe de Chine”, this fluid and supple weave is solely made out of silk. Its mat appearance is achieved thanks to a specific wash. Elegant, modern and comfortable to wear, silk crepe is part of daily and nightly life.

Cotton veil is a fine and slightly open cloth. Its fluffy and flowing feel makes it ever-present in our collections. Airy, it can be worn in winter and in summer, just like a second skin.

Viscose twill is recognisable thanks to its fine diagonal stripes. We love it for its silky, soft and fluid appearance. Easy to wear, it accompanies us night and day.

It is easily identifiable thanks to its velvety aspect and its parallel sides present on the fabric. It bears the right amount of vintage, that we love so much. Rendered fluid and fluffy through an enzymatic wash, this is without a doubt the ‘must-have’ of the season.

This is emblematic of shirt fabric, a very tightly woven cotton cloth which gives it a smooth and qualitative appearance. Chosen for its limited environmental impact, it is entirely made from organic cotton. 

Casual and masculine, it remains fluid thanks to its “secretwash”.

A delicate and precious version of the poplin. The threads used to weave the percale are finer which renders the feel fluid and fluffy. Pleasant to wear, refined and silky, it will easily find its place in your wardrobe.