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Sacrécoeur workshop

A mix of encounters, know-how and sharing.


The origin

Sacrécoeur’s journey begins in 2016.

Nurtured by the historical heritage of the Lyon region,
the brand centres its creativity around the richness of textile.

Its philosophy, giving value to clothing by rediscovering noble weaves.


The shirt

The idea of a single product emerges quickly and the shirt
appears like a revelation.

Borrowed from the male wardrobe, timeless
and present in each and everyone’s wardrobe,
it offers a beautiful freedom of interpretation.

In turns, feminine, elegant, minimalist and casual,
it adapts to the body shape and lifestyle of each individual.

Designed in pure and refined cuts,
it becomes the keystone of Sacrécoeur.


A matter of balance

Making accessible high-end shirts,

durable throughout time and fashion,

is our primary focus.


We work with trustworthy partners,

respectful of our values and recognised in their field,

in order to produce qualitative clothing for a reasonable price.


We wish to value the know-how which we hold dear,

by collaborating as often as possible with local workshops (weaving and printing in the Lyon region) or geographically close (Portugal, Italy).


A straightforward approach which enables long-term relationships and fosters human interactions.


We select natural fibres (linen, cotton and viscose),

providing quality, comfort and durability in our shirts.


The goal is to think globally of our activity in a humane,

reasonable and fair way.


The love of sharing

Resonating with simple but powerful emotions.
Sounds, senses, encounters, sharing, friendship and love
are the drivers of Sacrécoeur.

It’s though our desire to share with you the taste
of freedom and the simple things in life
that we imagine our collections.

To accompany you in everyday life,
we create timeless, elegant and modern
garments which can easily match with your wardrobe.

Easy to wear, comfortable on the skin,
we wish our shirts to be alive
and a companion in your adventures.